Computer Networking

Selected RFCs

Datacenter Networking

Path MTU discovery in practice

Minimum ethernet frame is 64 bytes, Why the payload must be padded to at least 46 bytes

Configuration examples with quagga

Advanced topics in computer networking

VRRP virtual MAC address

Layer 2 (VMAC) Network Redundancy Options for Linux

TIME_WAIT and its design implications for protocols and scalable client server systems

MPLS Traffic Engineering – Review

Multicast over Wireless

iPerf for Performance Testing

Secure IoT Bootstrapping: A Survey

Crylib Cipher

Wireless Networking

2.4 GHz Channel Planning

Software Defined Networking

Proxy Servers

Varnish Cache
Varnish Cache is a web application accelerator also known as a caching HTTP reverse proxy. You install it in front of any server that speaks HTTP and configure it to cache the contents.

SSH port forwarding

SSH port forwarding

SSH Tunneling — The black magic for data science

Networking infrastructures and technologies

Deep Sea Diving: The State of Submarine Cable Technology

Network automation


For network automation we need:

  • A programmatic interface for device configuration.
  • Separation between configuration and operational data.
  • Integrated error checking and recovery.

There are three network automation protocols that meet these requirements:

NETCONF is a protocol developed by IETF to “install, manipulate, and delete the configuration of network devices”. The goal of NETCONF is to make network automation easier. It uses XML for data encoding and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) for messages. It runs over SSH.

RESTCONF is protocol which works similar to a REST API. It maps a YANG specification to a RESTful interface and uses the HTTPS protocol for transport. You can use JSON or XML as data formats. RESTCONF is newer than NETCONF but not a replacement. It’s more of a lightweight option for engineers who are familiar with REST APIs. YANG data models can be found in the YANG git repository.


Automating the Testing of RESTCONF Agents

Control and Management of a Connected Car Using YANG/RESTCONF and Cloud Computing

An Introduction to Nornir

Nornir using an Ansible Inventory (Part1)

Nornir using an Ansible Inventory (Part2)

Cisco networking

Packet Tracer Cisco Commands list CLI Basic

Packet Tracer 7.2.1 – Router devices and WIC modules

Complete Guide on Cisco Router Configuration For Beginners

Configuration of SSH on Cisco Switch in Packet Tracer 2019

Top OSPF Interview Questions For CCNP CCIE